Golden Needle Tea 大金针
Golden Needle Tea 大金针
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Golden Needle Tea 大金针

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Golden Needle Tea
Tea type: Black Tea
Place of Origin: Changning County, Yunnan Province
Characteristics: True to its name, like a needle, beautiful golden black color, straight and slender with sharp points
Effects: Reduces blood fats, protective against cardiovascular disease
Suitable tea set: Kung Fu tea set, special tea set for black tea

Brewing steps:
1. Preheat the teaware
2. Add in tea leaves
3. Awaken the tea
4. Pour in water
5. Allow the tea to steep
6. Savour the full flavor of the tea
Fine leaf buds are carefully selected in Changning, and made with the finest raw materials and the finest process to ensure the highest quality of tea. The dry tea leaves are extraordinarily bright, lustrous, with a rich coating of pure gold. The tea appears clear and bright red in color after being brewed, while gives off a floral notes that is astoundingly sweet, with dark, earthy undertones. The tea leaves are also soft and velvety to touch.