Tie Guan Yin 铁观音
Tie Guan Yin 铁观音
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Tie Guan Yin 铁观音

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Tie Guan Yin 铁观音
Tea type: Oolong Tea
Place of Origin: Anxi, Fujian Province
Characteristics: curly and concave tea strips, fat with round knots, heavy and even, sandy green lustrous.
Effects: Helps resist aging, prevents cancer, resists arteriosclerosis, prevents and cures diabetes, promotes weight loss, prevents and cures tooth decay, clears away body heat, and decreases the side effects from nicotine and alcohol
Suitable tea set: Kung Fu tea set

Brewing steps:
1. Preheat the teaware
2. Add in tea leaves
3. Rinse the tea (the first rinse is rinsed away after 2-3 seconds)
4. Steep the tea
5. Savour the tea’s full flavor
Grown from the pollution-free Anxi Alpine Area, Tieguanyin is done by hand in a traditional way. The tea leaves are tight, neat and considerable in size, it has an emerald green color and luster, and gives off a pure, fresh fragrance. The color of the tea is rich and golden yellow like amber, and naturally gives off a strong orchid scent. The taste is strong and mellow with a lingering sweet aftertaste. Commonly known as “Goddess of Mercy Rhyme", Tieguanyin has a wonderfully long lasting and strong floral aromatic fragrance, creating a rich and creamy flavor that lingers in your mouth for ages.